Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Ferryman

The tunnel sharp descends to light-
Charon's gloomy calm abates
Bring the boat, boys! There's work tonight!
A load or two from a firefight!
War-slain, ho! Your ship awaits!
Just a copper, if you please-
For passage 'cross these dire straits
To bear you to the final gates
Charon's laughter turns to pleas-
It's not so bad in Hell, you know;
I'd gladly trade and take my ease
And leave others to ply the seas.


lala said...

Be not so submissive to Charon. Ask, is it so bad to wander for 100 years before you meet your final end?

But if you will, be buried with a coin between your teeth.

bettylala said...

This is so poignant and raw, it screams - it tore my heart out. My thoughts are ever with you, if that is worth anything in the wastelands. I know it is cliché and you probably hear it more often than it is worth, but I truly wish I could offer you more.